According to all my investigations over the years I have found that most people find hypnosis a fascinating subject and yet there is still much misunderstanding about it and how it works.  I hope that as you continue reading you will begin to realise for yourself just how powerful and life changing it can be in personal, business, sporting performance.
Just before I talk more about hypnosis it may help to just briefly touch on how the mind works. For simplicity we will separate the mind into three layers Conscious, critical faculty and Unconscious.
We will use a computer analogy to explain these three areas. The conscious mind is like the keyboard, it inputs new information; the critical faculty analyses and checks it like a spellchecker and if it is all ok it will allow it to enter the unconscious where it is stored like data on a hard drive. The unconscious not only controls all the automatic and involuntary functions of the body it also acts as a giant library.
Now when you enter into hypnosis your mind and body will relax and we can bypass the critical faculty, we can take it offline, and can then directly access the powerful unconscious mind which is where we will be doing our change work.
You currently have programs running in your mind, some of them may not be serving you well. Your unconscious is your servant and it needs proper directions to serve you best. We will help you disconnect from those old programs running in your head, traumas from childhood, disempowering beliefs that are no good to you and the negative labels that have been put on you by others. What’s more we can do it quickly.
It's easy to go into hypnosis, in fact that is the easy part and providing you are prepared to cooperate – and use your powers of intelligence, imagination and concentration effectively, as I’m sure you will do, then you WILL BE a good hypnotic subject.
I will be your guide into hypnosis and also a hypnotic detective to help you uncover the programs that are not serving you so that we can achieve the outcome you desire.
Hypnotherapy, indeed all therapies, are a cooperation between client and practitioner. It is not a competition or battle of wills.  Successful therapy results much quicker through cooperation. I have the tools that can help you to rapidly transform your life all you need to do is meet me half way.
I have talked a lot about Hypnotherapy, but of course that is just one of the tools available although an extremely useful one! For some problems we may choose a different method as being the most appropriate and indeed many problems can  be successfully treated content free, meaning the client does not even reveal what the problem is and still has it cleared!

What Can Be Helped?


The unconscious is an absolute powerhouse. It runs everything! All the procedures it performs automatically for us taking in and sifting through millions of  bits of information every second!  Consider that the conscious mind is only able to handle 7 bits of information (plus or minus 2) at any one time, and you can see the unconscious is the most incredible creation.
The conscious mind is though very important because it keeps us safe. It is the area that analysis things, without it we would be open to constant manipulation.
However, it can be bypassed. Advertisers are particularly adept at this as are propaganda experts, TV Producers, and others who wish to manipulate people. Politicians are another well known group.
When they by – pass the analytical area, what we call the critical faculty, they can implant suggestions into your unconscious, some of which you are best off not having there because the unconscious will always do its best to respond to them.
It is also where phobias, bad habits, and other negative influences reside, often things picked up at an earlier age that are still having a negative, limiting effect on us. It is a bit like having a program running on a computer that is infected.
Hypnotherapy and the other mind therapies I use, are designed to install new, powerful programs and to reduce the influence of the negative ones, and so with that in mind, you may well realise now, that just about any problem can be tackled in this way.
It is not only remedial change that can be helped though. We can also help in generative change, helping someone to improve on something they are already quite good at but wish to do it even better. This can be helpful to performers of all types, from sports people, dancers, writers, artists, speakers and this list can be extended to just about anything that a person would wish to improve on.
Professional help with all of these matters are available at K Holistic Therapy

“Are Unexplained Problems Affecting Your Life”
There are cases in the practice of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and many other conventional therapies, when the underlying cause of a problem is not found and so the client’s problem persists.
One view of this is that the cause of the problem is rooted in a previous life but the effects of this root cause have been carried over into the client’s current life.
It is therefore, by assisting the client to safely regress into the experience of previous lives that the root cause can be made manifest, understood by the client, the trauma solved and the problem eradicated.
During a Past Life session, you will be taken into a deep and lovely state of relaxation allowing you to access the part of your subconscious mind which is able to answer your questions.
During a PLT session people have come up with the most amazing details of previous lives lived, details they could not have known in their present life.
Using Hypnosis, I can help to take you back safely to a previous life. Apart from helping to solve present day problems, PLT also offers an insight into our oneness with each other with many people using it to gain greater insight into themselves, 
A PLT session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes.