Ready to STOP smoking? The excellent STOP program can make your decision to STOP so much easier.  I will not give you all the usual dire warnings about smoking because you have probably heard them all before right? According to a study in the New Scientist magazine, hypnotherapy has resulted in more people giving up smoking than all ther methods combined. and was three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy. This was just hypnotherapy alone... the STOP program contains other modalities to make the process even more powerful. The only question I want to ask is...Are you really serious about becoming a non-smoker? If you are then ring contact me about the STOP program.

EmoFat and S.L.I.M. Weight Management

If you do not address the cause of your overeating then you can go on as

many diets as you like and you will probably keep putting the weight back on. You may well have already been a numerous diets, if so why have they not worked? Maybe it's time for a different method? Find out more at

Past Life Therapy

    There are cases in Hypnotherapy where the underlying cause of a problem is not found by the conventional means of Hypnoanalysis. In this case no resolution is achieved and the problem persists.

One view of this is that the cause of the problem is rooted in a previous life but the effects of this root cause have been carried over into the client's current life.

By assisting the client to safely regress into the experience of previous lives, and by analysing those experiences, the root cause can be made nanifest. Once the root cause is understood by the client then the problem can be eradicated.

Mind Mediation is an integrative therapy that can bring about significant changes. It is used for just about any problem from Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, Adictions, Confidence, Sports Performance and much much more