Sano - to make whole and restore

Mente - of the mind

Ology - the study and research of a subject.

Sanomentology has evolved from many years of practice of different therapies and using the difference and similarities in these to create an incredibly effective method of helping with various issues.
The processes use a blend of psychology, philosophy, and science enabling you to reach increasingly deeper levels of the mind. As the mind is the seat of all pain, both emotional and physical, working at the unconscious level promotes health and well-being in mind and body.
In addition to the physical benefits of using Sanomentology, these processes can be used to address numerous conditions. These include addiction, phobias, weight management, anxiety, depression, confidence issues and many more life enhancing effects.
During this therapy you always remain aware and in control and you can decide the changes you wish to make. It involves communicating with your unconscious mind and removing old programmes that do not serve a purpose any longer. This can be done completely content free, meaning you do not have to explore the background of any issues with your therapist.
Many of these therapies will create a positive response in as little as one session. In fact, this session may be all that you need.
Sanomentology works with your unconscious mind to adapt the translation of the message received by your brain. As your mind is completely in control throughout the process, this technique is safe for most people.

The basis of this therapy is the understanding that pain is only a message.
Initially pain is essential to alert the body to a problem, but once addressed the message is no longer required. The message may be kept if the original cause needs time to heal, if the cause was particularly dangerous (in the opinion of the unconscious), emotional pain caused by trauma, and a number of other reasons.
It is often not necessary for the therapist to know the reason to keep the message, the unconscious knows and can be asked to delete the message.
There is always a positive intention motivating the pain, and a context in which this pain has value. My job is to mediate with the unconscious to bring it to the realisation that the intention is no longer valid.
Some pain can be caused by external factors, other people, stresses, anxiety, etc. Phobias and fears can cause pain, as the intention is to prevent the person from doing what they fear.

The Role Of The Unconscious

The unconscious has one key role to play, that is to keep you alive in the best way it can. It will always guide towards safety, happiness and pleasure. It cannot lie. It wants what is best for you and will not cause pain unless it's saving you from something worse and it will not allow the therapist to put the client in danger.
S.T.E.P.S. (Subconscious Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signal & Symptoms)
STEPS is the mainstay of what I do, it is the starting point in most all the treatments. In STEPS we make direct contact with the unconscious, without the need for classic hypnosis inductions and then make suggestions for change. Once contact is established with the unconscious, we can address virtually any issue the client presents with, adapting the wording to suit any need. After STEPS, we can add further programs as required

Mind Mediation contains 15 different programs that can be utilised depending upon the needs of the client. These programs are adaptable to suit hundreds of situations.  Some last a short time, 15 to 30 minutes, while others can last from 2 -3 hours depending on the answers we receive from the unconscious.
TIME is the equivalent of several hypnosis sessions at once. It consists of 12 parts. Each part can also be utilisedseparately as well if needed at the discretion of the consultant.

Dreamscaping or Inner Journey, can be carried out individually and also in groups. It is content free, there is no need for the consultant to know the issue or the cause of the issue. The client simply needs to think about what they wish to resolve. The inner journey is usually used after STEPS where needed.

Interactive Lucid Dreaming
ILD is a very powerful part of the protocols. Unlike Inner Journey which is suitable for groups, ILD  is for individual use only as the client will be giving constant feedback. Again it can be done content free and the client only needs to think about the outcome they want. It is the job of the consultant to guide you, and keep you safe along the path of the journey. It is completely client led.
Together with STEPS it can successfully deal with 90%+ of the problems I am called upon to deal with.

The Awakening
Created with the idea that we have many abilities and skills that we have forgotten both in our lifetimes and in evolution. We only use a fraction of our brains potential, and this is the starting point to see if we can utilize more.

The Resolute Pack is a Trilogy of protocolsdesigned using neuroscience theories as the perfect solution to anxiety, depression, trauma, and other deep set problems in the mind. It consists of Conclusions to release unfinished business stored in the amygdala, Schrodinger to release negative emotions and programs tied to memories, and Resolutions to finalise the program for future protection. This can be run as one session or three separate sessions.

G.O.S.H or Gift of Self Healing, is a guided meditation aimed at activating the incredible self-healing qualities we all have to create healing at a very deep level.
Other Programs include:
Y.E.S. (Your Esteemed Self) Weight Management Program
C.R.E.A.T.E (Clearance and Resolution of Emotions After Traumatic Experiences) such as PTSD.
BAC UP (Belief and Confidence Upgrade)
Sanomentology is an evolving therapy and new protocols are emerging and are added from time to time.
Licensed therapists have regular supervision and training opportunites for further self-development.