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"Now You Can Kick The Smoking Habit for Good As You Quickly Become A Happy, Healthy, Relaxed and Confident Non-Smoker Without The Usual Side Effects"

By using my STOP (Stub Tobacco Out Premanently) program you could make it easy to quit the nicotine habit for good. I will  help you to make positive changes deep within your subconscious mind which enable you to become a non-smoker without pain, feeling deprived, or that you have made any form of sacrifice.

Because of the way the STOP program is structured, it transfers the pleasure you got in the past from smoking into something healthier making it far easier to become a happy, healthy, relaxed non-smoker.

It is because of this that there is no unwanted weight gain, no sudden nail biting, or any other habit appearing and you will become far more relaxed and stress free in your everyday life meaning you won't be getting irritable around loved ones, friends and work colleagues.

Can I Really Stop Smoking?

The answer is yes of course you can if you really feel ready to become a non-smoker and the STOP program could help you make it as easy and as pleasurable as possible.

             Why do so many people who say they want to stop carry on

There could be several reasons for this. Firstly the person may have been pressured to do it by someone else and they don't really want to give up. In such circumstances they will be resistant to change and will generally fail. So please before you book your STOP session be sure you are doing it because you want to.

Another major reason is fear. The fear that it will be far to painful and difficult when they give up.

The last major reason is that the smoking is used to mask anxiety...by giving the person better coping mechanisms  they will no longer have any need or desire to smoke.

What Are The Health Benefits of Stopping?

* Your blood pressure and pulse rate start to return to normal

* Your chances of heart attack decreases

* The circulation improves making exercise easier

* Energy levels increase overall

* Coughing, sinus problems, tiredness, shortness of breath decrease

* Excessive risk of heart disease is halved

* Risk of stroke decreases

* Lung, throat and mouth cancer risk decreases

* Chances of seeing your children and grandchildren grow up increases.

A few things you are currently inhaling

Acetone  - A form of paint stripper better known as nail varnish

Carbon Monoxide - Inhibits oxygen from entering the bloodstream. Also found in exhaust fumes. A poison.

DDT - A pesticied now banned because of its lethal side effects.

Formaldehyde - Better known as embalming fluid.

Hydrogen Cyanide -  a lethal poison

Methanol - A fatal poison. Continued inhalation of the vapour may cause blindness.

Nicotine -  A highly toxic nerve poison. It is used by vets in certain parts of the world to destroy sick animals and is very effective at doing so.

Financial Benefits

If you are still not convinced it's time to stop then consider this. Those who smoke between 20-40 a day will save in the region of £2500 per year by becoming a non-smoker. Also as the price goes up in each successive budget you will be saving even more.

It is estimated that the average death of a smoker is 65. Calculated on a 40 year old smoking 10 a day and paying £5 per packet of 20, they would save over the next 25 years, if they stopped now, £22,750 and add years onto their life to enjoy it. Could you find a better use for that amount of money? Stop now and it's like having a massive pay rise each year, how often do you get a £2500 a year pay rise?

Take Action Now

Will you take action now or will you find an excuse to put it off again? Remember each time you put a cigarette in your mouth you are inhaling deadly poisons, ruining your health and shortening your life - why? Do you really want to continue ruining your health and paying the government enormous amounts of tax? If you stop now and invest in your health with the STOP program you could recoup your investment in just over one month and be saving your money and your health for years to come.

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Your Investment in this treatment is Just £200