Many people are familiar with the concept of Past Lives but what about Future Lives or Parallel Lives? They all lead to the same conclusion Time does not exist as we know it, it is an illusion.  Some believe that all lives are running at the same time past, present and future. Time Trance-Formation Therapy takes you back in time and also forward into the future so that you can remove obstacles from previous lifetimes, get a greater understanding of yourself and then move forwards into a future that best serves you. 

It's almost Like having your very own TARDIS time machine. 

What Can Time Trance-Formation be Used For?

People will use TTF to help with any number of issues that are affecting their life. For example Health, Relationships, Career, Phobias, Confidence to name just a few. If a person is not finding any answers from other routes, then TTF could provide the answer they need to move forward. It is thought that imprints from previous lives are kept in the unconscious mind and that issues in that life can be carried over into the present one and patterns are repeated. By using the special methods available to us, we can safely remove those issues and if successful the problem will be resolved.

For some people this is all they wish to do, others may wish to go further and continue their journey through time to look into the future and see how future events may play out. This can be very useful in many areas again and is often used for questions relating to relationships, love, jobs and careers and business. This is can be used to take you into the future say for 5, 10 or 20 years to see how decisions have developed, if they are what you hoped for and if there are things you could change. You could also explore a completely new future life and see what you could be doing in your next lifetime. 

What is the process?

Prior to any session we would have a consultation of approximately 20 -30 minutes which is conducted via Zoom online platform or can be done on Skype. This is Free of Charge. If we agree to go ahead, then I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire and sign the agreement for treatment to go ahead. 

How Long is a treatment session?

Generally a treatment would last no longer than 2 hours. There are of course variables in that each person is going to experience their own story and some may be longer or shorter than others. 

What Happens During The Session?

During the session you will be taken into a deep state of relaxation. When this happens it is much easier to talk with your unconscious mind. We will go back in stages through time until a relevant past life is reached. You will be guided safely back and I will ask you questions about that lifetime and we will resolve any difficulties that come up from that life. 

Is It Safe?

The process is very safe. Of course some events may come up that maybe uncomfortable but at the beginning of the session we will establish a safe space where you can mentally go to if the emotions become too intense, this is rarely the case. We also have other procedures in place which can disassociate from the experience. Some people will experience tears as long held emotions are released. 

In the First Instance please contact me to arrange your free consultation