Are You Ready To Lose Weight ?

If you have decided that now is the time to lose weight and keep it off, then my weight loss program could help you be successful in safely and effectively losing pounds feeling healthier and looking great. 
How many times have you started a diet begun to see results and then slipped back into your old eating habits? How often have you got to your goal weight and then put back on every single pound and maybe a bit more? You see diets on there own rarely work...some are just downright dangerous and others leave you feeling deprived, guilty and bored a sure recipe for failure.

Are You A Victim of This?

Have you ever followed a diet to the letter, painstakingly followed all the instructions and still ended up not losing any weight or even worse putting more on? If you have, rest assured you are not the only one. What happened next? Guilt, self esteem knocked, embarassed... these are not good for anyone and often result in you accepting your fate and giving up. You may be told that you have no will power, which is absolute rubbish because people wanting to lose weight have just as much will power as anyone else. The other point is that using will power does not work anyway


EmoFat is a comprehensive treatment to help with weight management.

"Emotions have been identified as the reason why 95% of diets fail and why emotional eaters gain weight." (Carol Solomon, Ph,D
If you are 20 pounds overweight, and most certainly 30 pounds or more overweight, then it could be highly likely that you are using your fat as an armour shield. Your fat armour is there to 'protect' you from something and quite frankly you will be very unlikely to know what it is because it has been buried in your subconscious which is currently running a program which it believes is keeping you safe by keeping you fat. The subconscious is doing this out of love, because it believes it is the right response to information it received. Unfortunately it misinterpreted the original information and has come up with a less than ideal solution.
Now what we have to do, is find the information it misinterpreted and ask the subconscious nicely if it can find a better way, a more acceptable way to manage that information. However, you cannot bully the subconscious and so we must enter into negotiations with it and we do this with various hypnotherapeutic techniques. I call this Subconsciously Locating Interfering Memories (S.L.I.M) ™Once the original error is corrected you may begin to lose the weight successfully.
I will also help you identify hidden food sensitivities that can also stop successful weight loss. These food sensitivities may cause a major problem to successful weight loss. Do you recall the question at the beginning; when you have followed a diet faithfully and not lost weight...the reason may be food sensitivities. Once we identify them, you may find remarkable weight loss results. 
This approach to weight loss does not advocate a diet as such, just that you eat healthily. Healthy weight loss should never involve extreme reduction in caloric intake, or starvation diets.  Of course to lose weight you must use up more calories than you consume and you need a level of motivation,  this program could help you to achieve your goals as you take control over your eating.
As you can see my approach is quite comprehensive giving you the confidence you need to book a session with me and begin to see the changes you want.
 Please before booking read the section 'consultation' which will give you important information before you make your appointment.

EmoFat is normally done over six sessions. I do offer single sessions which for some people is quite sufficient. For a single EmoFat session £120 . For the ultimate weight management program of 6 sessions £300 this includes all of the above plus motivational support as you continue your journey from Fat to Fab.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy

EmoFat has made the fitting of the Hypnotic Gastric Band (HGB) now redundant. The fitting of the band requires a very reduced calorie intake which many people find very difficult and at the end of the day, you still have to remove the reasons for the fat armour as described above. EmoFat is by far a much more pleasant option. I leave the HGB information here for reference only.
The fitting of a hypnotic gastric band has become a popular choice to help weight loss.  The purpose of a gastric band is to cause narrowing of the stomach so the flow of food is restricted into the digestive system. The Hypnotic Gastric Band is 'fitted' using the incredible power of your unconscious mind and a special combination of mind therapy techniques. This enables you to eat less and less often and so help you to lose weight. 
It consists of six sessions plus the completion of a health questionnaire that must be completed prior to the first session. In sessions one and two the procedure will be explained to you and is to determine whether you are ready for an hypnotic band fitting. Every client must go through these two sessions. Please note: These are exploratory sessions and will not guarantee suitability for the fitting of a HGB. If not suitable we can discuss other options. The combined fee for sessions 1 & 2 is £100*
Session Three  - actually consists of two appointments with a fortnight between them. In these we will prepare you for the fitting of the HGB in session four.
Session Four - 'Fitting' of the hypnotic gastric band. 
Session Five - Here you will receive further reinforcement and we may loosen or tighten the band according to your needs. 
Session Six -  The Final Session
During each stage of the process you will be asked to do some work at home, this will include listening to CD's and keeping a diary.


Not everyone is suitable for the Hypnotic Gastric Band therapy, we will discuss your suitability during the initial free assessment. As a general rule, people with a body mass index below 40 may be better suited to the EmoFat approach described above.
The HGB procedure is very safe as no surgery is involved, this means there is no risk of infections or complications. Side effects are very rare due to the preparation we do before the HGB is fitted and the support after it is in place. 
 I guarantee to do my very best to ensure your success by guiding you thoroughly through this procedure and making sure you are well prepared for it by giving you the necessary support through the six sessions. Nothing in therapy can ever be 100% guaranteed, even when the band is fitted surgically. You will need to put in some work and commitment yourself to guarantee success for you.
*The £100 is non-refundable, however if after the first two sessions you are not suitable for the HGB, the £100 will be deducted from the price of our EmoFatprogram should you decide to undertake that route to weight loss.
In the first instance please contact us to make your free 15 minute telephone consultation. We would also recommend that you read in the menu bar the heading Consultation which has important information about booking your appointment.

HGB investment is £500. We can also offer a payment plan if required.