"Are Unexplained Problems Affecting Your Life"

There are cases in the practice of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and many other conventional therapies, when the underlying cause of a problem is not found and so the client's problem persists.

One view of this is that the cause of the problem is rooted in a previous life but the effects of this root cause have been carried over into the client's current life.

It is therefore, by assisting the client to safely regress into the experiences of previous lives that the root cause can be made manifest, understood by the client, the trauma resolved and the problem eradicated.

During a Past Life Session you will be taken into a  deep and lovely state of relaxation allowing you to access the part of your subconscious mind which is able to answer your questions. 

During a PLR session people have come up with the most amazing details of previous lives lived, details which they could not possibly have known in their present life. 


Using Hypnosis I can help to  take you back safely to a previous life.

Apart from helping to resolve present day problems past life therapy also offers an insight into our oneness with each other. That we are not really separate. We believe their is a great need at this present time for people to realise that this is not 'it' that there is much much more than what we believe we know in the illusion of this physical world of separateness.

A Past Life Regression Session normally lasts between 60-90 mins £75